Slow & Steady Wins the Race

So, yesterday was a bitter pill to swallow.

I went to the gym.

And met with a personal trainer.

YES. A personal freakin’ trainer.

See, I’m overweight, and have been this way for 11 years now. A few years ago, I saw my doctor for a wellness visit, and she spoke to me about my weight. When she saw what I was on the BMI chart, there was concern on her end (plus, at that very moment in my life, that was the heaviest I’ve ever been outside of my pregnancies). Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart issues run in my family, so it was something we needed to discuss. The thing that triggered me was watching her write “OBESE” in my chart. I got choked up. I WAS MORTIFIED.

After that visit, I was on the right track with weight-loss. I dropped 47 pounds, which was a major feat, but clearly, it’s something that I could not maintain. I crash dieted, killed myself at the gym (I did a lot of two-a-days), and on some days would starve myself to see the pounds drop on the scale. I became addicted to visually seeing progress, so, when I plateaued and my weight-loss came to a screeching halt, I turned back to food, because that’s where I found comfort (and because I’m a stress-eater).

After my first two pregnancies, the weight melted right off. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight within a matter of months, so, of course (naturally), I had the same mentality with my last pregnancy. (sigh) That was so NOT the case.

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Well, here we are. I’m about to be 36 years old, and I’m finally taking control of the situation. I intend on taking a healthier route – aside from proper diet, nutrition, and exercise, I am mentally preparing myself for a longer (more solid) road to weight-loss. Slow and steady wins the race. Dropping weight so quickly like I did before was instant gratification and a temporary fix. Sure – I looked great, but I had to take drastic measures by going cold turkey on so many foods and beverages I loved. Trying to reintroduce those foods back into my diet was a complete failure, because I couldn’t hold back from over-indulging. I’m Asian – I eat rice with EVERYTHING. I’m also a sucker for pasta and bread and baked goods.

This time, I have no intention on cutting anything out from my diet and what I eat. I will be mindful of portions and my macro intake. Everything in moderation, right?

Not only do I want to look good, but I want to FEEL good. I want to feel strong and healthy.

Yesterday’s meeting with my personal trainer was a huge eye-opener. Prior to my workout, he had me warm-up on the stair climber for eight minutes at a level four. The goal was to maintain my heart rate between 130-140, and if it went above that, to dial it back to a level two or three. I couldn’t maintain a level four without feeling completely gassed (my heart rate exceeded 140), so I toggled between levels two and three. We did a HIIT workout with five stations. My goal was to complete three rounds of each exercise in 10 minutes. I couldn’t do it. I could only complete two rounds, and even that went beyond 10 minutes.

One of the exercises was push-ups. Wow. I was able to complete one… ONE proper push-up.

So, my goal for the next three months is to focus on my upper body (I so desperately need to amp this up), and my core. My trainer also said once I have a solid core, everything else will fall into place.

To my readers who are working on their health and fitness – I salute you. We all have to start somewhere, and we all have different goals. Keep pressing forward, even on the days where you feel utter defeat. Man-o-man, do I understand where you’re coming from.

Each day is a new day to make progress, and to become better versions of ourselves. Greatness takes time. ♥


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