The Happy Planner: New Year, New Me.


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How many of you are ready for 2018?
Have you thought about your goals?
Jotted them down?

Wait… you haven’t mapped anything out for the new year? Nah, girl – your current mood should be, “New year, new me. Who dis?” Time to get organized, focused, and BOSS UP.


So, for those of you that don’t know, planners and stationery are a way of life for me. I’ve been this way since I was little girl, killing the game with my Sanrio steez. As much as I loved my Pochacco and Pekkle notepads and organizers… I had to grow up at some point. These days, I am all about The Happy Planner.

Every weekend, I spend a few hours with all of my stickers, washi tapes, and supplies sprawled across my dining table. I skim through it all, while I visualize the layout in my head.

Appointment reminders, to-do lists, words of encouragement, and photos are a few items I add to my planner for inspiration. Working on my planner is therapeutic for me, the same way cleaning the house while bumping slow jams, calms me down, or listening to Bob Ross’s voice while watching The Joy of Painting, puts me at ease.


Here are some reasons why (I feel) The Happy Planner is worth it:

  1. The interchangeability.
    The Happy Planner allows for you to swap out covers, add folders and dividers, and switch out the discs that hold it together. The possibilities are endless!
  2. The price point.
    I believe this planner is very affordable. The fact that I’m on my fourth one says it all.
  3. The many colors.
    There is a huge assortment of styles and colors. I guarantee there will be a few different planners that speak to you.
  4. The different typefaces.
    Typography is a huge deal-breaker for me when I’m looking for a planner, journal, etc. Their use of fonts is brilliant.
  5. The quotes.
    Throughout the planner, there are a number of inspirational and motivating quotes. I dig it.
  6. The clean lines.
    I like to be a free bird, but I also invite structure. I like the boxiness of each day. It’s orderly and clean.
  7. The embellishments.
    The Create 365 sticker booklets made for The Happy Planner is L I F E. I am literally on a mission to collect each and every one.

January 1st is right around the corner, which is pretty exciting. We get to reset – move forward on a clean slate. HAVE A FRESH START. New beginnings allow for people to breath again; to shed all the nasty, stank baggage from the previous year. Use this chance to GET CHO LIFE – make 2018 your year, by getting organized!

There is no wrong or right way to utilize your planner. If you’re basic – one who sticks to important details without all the fluff; fine. If you want to highlight the shit out of your day; groovy. If you’re extra, and want your pages to look like stickers and washi tape threw up everywhere, then by all means… do whatever the hell you want. This is a space to provoke interest and influence your way to success!

These are a few items I highly recommend.




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