Legit Foundation Guide


So, time and time again, one of the main questions I get asked about makeup is, “What type of foundation is right for my skin?” Getting asked this question when I worked for MAC was simple, because product-knowledge was based off our products, and our products alone. I knew how to recommend our foundations and powders to our clientele, but let’s face it, THAT WAS 10 YEARS AGO. Since then, there has been a plethora of breakthrough brands and products introduced in the industry; even I get confused at times.

It’s like, I get it, sis. I understand how frustrating and daunting it can be. Do you remember my post about my daily face routine? If not, please feel free to take a look. My daily face routine not only goes into foundation, but it goes into primers, concealers, and powders. I understand it may be much for some of you, but it is what I use every day.

What if I told you that the guess-work and research has been completed for you? That, after reading this, you will feel confident walking into Walgreen’s or Sephora, and purchasing the best-fit foundation for your face?


I have collaborated with the incredible team at reviews.com, to showcase the fabulous foundation guide they have created. I have read their guide multiple times, and feel that it can help many of you who struggle with this very dilemma.

Below is a little breakdown of the guide to help you get acquainted with the work that’s been done:

  • 364 foundations were considered.
  • Consulted with several industry experts, professional makeup artists, and cosmetic chemists.
  • Put-forth 40 hours of diligence to provide well-rounded input.

I love how the team at review.com took the following into account:

  • Removed foundations with controversial ingredients.
    As someone with acne-prone skin, I would like to say, YOU’RE THE REAL MVP!
  • Removed foundations with fewer than 12 shades.
    Girl, yaaaaasssss. There are so many shades on the spectrum. I mean, I understand that creating perfect shades for consumers can be tricky, but even I stay away from brands that carry less than 12-15 shades. Til this day, I have not found the “perfect” shade. I have to mix colors to get it just right.
  • Removed foundations without at least an average 4-star rating across Sephora, Nordstom, Ulta, and Amazon.
    Enough said.


With 2018 around the corner, we are all on that “new year, new me” tip. Well, how about incorporating this into your plan? I promise you – you will buy your next foundation with confidence. Get it, baby girl!



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