I Heart Planners

When it comes to keeping your schedule organized, there is an array of tools available to keep things straight. Calendar entries in Outlook; reminder notifications on your phone… the resources are endless.

I love my Outlook calendar. I do. I rely on it heavily during the day when I’m at work (along with every other person in the corporate world), however, when it comes to my personal appointments, meetings, and reminders – planners rock my world.



Creativity is everything! Planners allow for me to tap into that side with markers, washi tape, stickers, etc. I also love doodling, flagging, highlighting, and incorporating Post-Its.

I Invented Post-Its

I love my Happy Planner. Aside from it being totes adorbs, I love how versatile and functional it is. I can swap out the discs that hold it together; change-up the covers; add additional dividers, folders, or pages inside; I mean, the possibilities are endless!



Who else is a list-maker? ((HIGH-FIVE)) I will be a list-maker ’til the day I die. There is such instant gratification when checking off or striking through line items. It makes me feel accomplished and productive.

Are you active in the planner community? If so, what type of medium do you use, and what are some techniques you like to incorporate into your daily regimen. If not, and would like to start, feel free to sound off in the comments! I am more than happy to assist in any way I can. Questions? Comments? Don’t be shy.


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