Attitude of Gratitude

I think it’s fair to say that we all have experienced euphoria in our lives; stars aligned, everything working in our favor. Life is good. On the flip-side, we’ve also experienced Mercury in retrograde – bad juju in the air, the universe working against us with every fiber of its being, and you think to yourself, “What the fuck did I do to deserve this?” Trust. We’ve all been there.

There were times when the pity party and self-loathing would ensue, “Why me? Why does my life have to be such a shitshow? Why can’t I catch a break?” See, THAT. RIGHT. THERE. That type of mindset and thinking is what’s all wrong. When you put that type of negative energy out there, it will continue to rear its ugly head. I was so badly in need of change.

Writing for me is therapy. Straight up. If I’m pissed and write a scathing email, I feel a hundred times better after drafting it. I just don’t send it. [delete] Haha! Since writing is a big part of who I am, I decided to get a ((drumroll please))… gratitude journal. ♥


I am so extra, and my personality is bigger than life, so it’s only natural that I bought an actual gratitude journal. Go ahead, roll your eyes – I know, sounds ridiculous, but hey! Once you see my journal, you will understand why.
50093_grateful_cover_3q-e1505953195534IT. IS. INSPIRING. I have a thing for clean design and typography, and this journal spoke to me the moment I saw it at Target (Knock Knock® Okay Fine, I’m Grateful! journal – $15.99). The inside contains motivating and inspiring quotes, and over all, it gave me warm-fuzzies. I knew I had to have it! Now, I’m not saying you have to go out and buy a fancy journal. Hell, you could use a plain, spiral-bound notebook. It’s functional, and you don’t have to come out of pocket a bunch of money.

Since I began my gratitude journal, I have seen a great deal of personal growth. It has helped heal my mind, spirit and soul.

  • I am happier.
    It has really opened my eyes to what is important in my life. Gaining clarity is a beautiful thing. You have a better sense of what to hold near and dear, and what nonsense to purge. Besides, happiness is sexy. HELLO! [hashtagWINNING]
  • I’ve gained perspective.
    I used to compare my life to others, and put myself down for everything I hadn’t achieved or accomplished. (sigh) Oh, Lord. COMPARISON IS A KILLJOY. I repeat; COMPARISON IS A KILLJOY! It’s a bloody thief , robbing you of your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. Stay in your lane and focus on YOU. Everything else is white noise.
  • I’ve learned to appreciate the small things.
    Journaling has helped highlight the beautiful things in my world that I never really acknowledged before. It’s the small things, like having a kick-ass hair day, to my kids cleaning the house without my asking, to Anthony getting me a Redbull on a whim. I’ve embraced celebrating the smaller victories.

Whether you list bullet points of what you are thankful for, or go into detail about a certain topic, there is no right or wrong way to document your thoughts.

There isn’t a rule about frequency either. In the beginning, I tried to write every day, but then I got burnt out. I also felt it was disingenuous and forced. Now, I write two or three times a week, and go into detail about a couple key points. Quality over quantity for me, but hey, if jotting down a list of 20 items tickles your fancy, then by all means. More power to you, girl!

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing & appreciating what we do have.”

–Frederick Keonig


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